We make great marketing accessible to everyone

We make your business bigger using proven marketing and sales strategies. You’ll get more exposure and more sales because we’ll use our expertise and creativity to create the breakthroughs that have been eluding you. So whether you’re…

  • A high street service business looking to grow your sales OR
  • An online brand or personality needing to “blow up!” on social media and build a kick-ass converting funnel OR
  • A multinational corporation in need of a multichannel creative plan to reach your ambitious targets…

Who are The Accessible Media Agency and why should you care?

We are a full service marketing agency so put plainly, we can help you design and implement great marketing campaigns.

We’re experts at helping you find your customers online and we pride ourselves on doing all the hard work for you .

“Yeah but, what do you actually DO?”

Good question! To put it plainly, we specialise in two key areas:

Helping you design marketing strategies to find your customers. More specifically, that means we can consult with you to find new, exciting (sometimes unconventional) and profitable ways to advertise online.

And if you want us to, we can do some of (maybe even all) the hard work for you. As a marketing agency we are currently specialising in:

  • Social media management 
  • Content writing 
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting and sales funnels 
  • Prospecting
  • Disability inclusion 

Our mission is to make great marketing, great talent and great jobs available to everyone.

As a disabled person our founder George Baker experienced first hand how difficult it is for disabled people to access the job market and it was only through apprenticing under his brother to learn marketing and copywriting that he has been able to enjoy a flourishing career. He started Accessible Media to give the same opportunity to other disabled people by offering comprehensive training and flexible working conditions.

Meet The Team

We are simple, ordinary people with big dreams and big ambitions. We are people who, put in difficult, almost impossible situations, always find a way to succeed.

And the point of Accessible Media is to give us an outlet, a way to use that drive and ambition in a productive, focused manner, a way that will enable all of us to increase our skills, increase our knowledge, increase our income, and most importantly, increase our contribution.

Because of our physical disabilities, we are often barred from traditional forms of employment. Many of the opportunities that other people take for granted, such as internships, studying, or just a normal job somewhere, we’re often excluded from because society isn’t ready, willing, or able to make the necessary accommodations for us.

And do you know what? That’s okay.

We believe that society should change and that society should find ways to enable us to take part, but until then, we’re going to find our own ways to take part. And we’re going to show everybody else that we are worth their time, attention and investment because we never, ever, ever give up.




“Hi, I’m John Ashby, 35yrs from Coventry. My hobbies include watching my football team Manchester United play on TV and I enjoy playing video games with friends and family.

I also enjoy watching Netflix; my favourite series is The Punisher. I’ve always wanted to work for a company that understands disability and this helps us both work around some of the difficulties of my condition. Working for Accessible Media Agency enables me to work without struggling and gives me the opportunity to show myself and my employer that I can do the job.

I’m hoping to gain experience of working as part of a team and hopefully gain new friends and contacts.”


“My name is Tamie and I live in New Jersey with my parents and 3 cats, Luna, Stella and Pumpkin. I am a self-proclaimed jack of all interests and trades. Since graduating from Rowan University and receiving my Bachelors degree in Psychology in 2003, I’ve worked and volunteered remotely in various areas, including tutoring English online, volunteering for animal welfare, opening up my own photo restoration business, and lastly, working as both website blogger and a travel agent for a travel agency while also volunteering as a board member with the  non-profit org, All Wheels Up, whose mission is to make airplanes accessible so that disabled individuals can board a plane from the safety of their wheelchairs. When I made the difficult decision to resign as a travel agent in 2018 due to demanding and inflexible hours, I struggled to find fulfilling work remotely as a disabled individual who required certain accommodations. I was exploring the idea of getting back into the design field when, as fate would have it, the opportunity was presented to me to work for a highly accommodating and flexible company, like Accessible Media Agency, where I could tap back into my design skills. It was a perfect match at the perfect time. When I am not maintaining the company’s website, I enjoy time with family and friends, and continue to volunteer as Development and Fundraising Coordinator for All Wheels Up.”

Rachel K.

“Hi, I’m Rachel Klentz.  I’m 25 and live in Tampa, Florida.  I’m a self-proclaimed nerd who loves playing dungeons and dragons, video games, and reading comics.  I also love drawing and writing and have a bachelor’s degree in digital art from Bowling Green State University.  Working for Accessible Media Agency has been fantastic because they take into account my strengths and weaknesses. A company that celebrates disability is so refreshing and exciting to me, and to be able to show the world that people with disabilities can do anything.  I’m excited to learn and grow with this job, and can’t wait to see where this road takes me.”

We can help you take your business to the next level so get in touch today…

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