Achieving Financial Stability with the Working Tax Credit

Disabled people still have the ability to work, but not always as much as a non-disabled person.  This could be due to lack of access, lack of stamina, or the threat of losing benefits for earning too much.  Working limited hours means limited pay, which means disabled people often are low-income.  Being low income makes […]

WaterSure: Getting Help with Your Water Bills

We’ve been talking a lot about ways disabled people can save money or get funding for the things we need to be independent, and today is no exception.  Water bills are expensive, but necessary to survive.  Today we’re going to talk about the WaterSure scheme, who qualifies, and how to apply. What is WaterSure? Watersure […]

Saving Money on Leisure Activities

It should be no secret by now that having a disability is expensive.  There’s extra equipment disabled people need to be independent, and that gets pricey.  My family and I joke that I didn’t come with batteries, because I need a wheelchair to get around.  In addition to hardware, disabled people often employ Personal Care […]

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