Video Marketing

Is Pinterest Worth Using for Digital Marketing?

Pinterest is an often-overlooked, yet very useful, platform for marketers.  The concept is so unique compared to other social media websites, I hesitate to even put it in the same category.  For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest is a website where people share and discover new ideas through images, which they can then […]

Choose the Right Social Media for Your Business

There are more and more social media platforms every day.  As an integral part of your marketing strategy, it’s overwhelming to say the least.  Keeping up with multiple platforms is a lot to handle, especially when you’re just beginning.  While it’s great to have multiple platforms to advertise on, focusing your efforts on one or […]

Your Video Content Needs Improving

Your video content needs improving.  Especially if you’re new to creating video content, there are things you can do to easily improve.  We discussed a similar topic several months ago, but we didn’t go into much detail.  What kinds of things can you do to improve your videos?  Where do you start? What are you […]

Starting a YouTube channel for your business

We’ve touched on video marketing in the past, but not about YouTube marketing.  Making videos of your product/service is all well and good, but are you using the medium to its full potential?  YouTube, like other social media platforms, has its own quirks to figure out in order to use it effectively. When used correctly, […]

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