How to Start the New Year Off Right

It’s hard to believe, but 2020 is less than 50 days away.  Most people are making their own new year’s resolutions, but are you doing the same for your business?  What better time to reassess your business’s marketing strategy than at the start of the new year! There are lots of ways to update and alter your marketing strategies.  It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Little changes can go a long way. Today, we will go over 7 things you can do to best prepare for the year ahead.

Assess Your 2019 Goals

First things first, what did you want to accomplish in 2019?  Maybe you wanted to gain [X] amount of subscribers for a certain social media platform. Or maybe you wanted to get your blog up and running.  Perhaps your goal was to increase the number of repeat customers. Whatever these goals are, take some time and look them over. Analyze the results, and determine if you met your goals.  

The important question, whether or not you met your goals, is why?  If you did meet your goal of gaining 200 new email subscribers, what is it that may have pushed you over the edge?  Was there a particular set of blog posts or other content that you released right before a subscription spike? Are view counts larger on certain days or types of content?  If you didn’t meet your goals, ask yourself similar questions. Where did you see progress? What do you think hindered your progress? What can you do different in the future?  These are all excellent questions that lead into our text topic…

Set Goals for 2020

You know what went right and what fell short this past year. Now it’s time to look ahead.  Setting goals is important for setting a focus. Without an end in mind, we tend to just wander aimlessly and not actually get anything done.  Goals keep us on track and remind us of where we want to go. So why is setting them so difficult? We know where we want to end up, so isn’t that enough?

As an example, let’s say in the next yea you want to double your Facebook followers.  Great, that’s totally achievable, right? But how do you plan on doing this? Just saying “I want [thing] to happen by the end of the year” isn’t enough.  You need to know how you plan on getting that goal met. For the facebook example, maybe you increase the number of posts per week by 20%. Or maybe you widen your target audience parameters.  The best thing to do in this situation is to see when and how your subscriber count for this year increased, and improve on those things.

Be careful not to set too many goals. It can stretch you too thin and even end up hurting your progress in certain aspects.  Focusing on two or three things at a time is much more effective than splitting your attention ten different ways.

Update your customer Avatar(s)

Your customer avatar(s) might not have changed, but maybe there’s another market you hadn’t thought of previously.  Or, maybe there’s a new angle to an existing customer profile. Take a look at your sales demographics for this past year and see how they match up to your current avatars.  Do they fit? Are there outliers? Are these outliers consistent enough to warrant a whole new avatar?  

Let’s say your current avatar is a male aged 40-55 who loves to ride his bike.  You’ve found, through analyzing your data, that women of the same age have been gradually increasing in number as customers.  You might want to consider adding them as a customer avatar, as they are another potential customer.

Reinvigorate Your Blog

It may be biased for me to say this, but blogs are important.  They allow for your business to connect with your customers in a way that other social media sites can’t.  Blogs are a great way to highlight your business’s products, share industry tips, and even discuss current events relating to your company.  

Take a look at your blog stats over the last year.  Determine which posts are getting the most views, comments, and shares.  Are there certain categories that outperform others? Do certain days of the week bring in more views?  Use these data-points as a base for your blogging strategy in the next year.

Update Your Social Media Information

Similarly to your blog, you can assess what’s going right in your social media and what you can improve on.  The difference is you have multiple social media outlets that all work differently. Start with one platform, go through the same assessment that you did with your blog, and go on to the next one.  If there is a social media platform that has been stagnant or even lost traction over the last year, consider making this your focus. If this platform has been consistently underperforming for a few years, maybe consider abandoning this completely.  There’s no use in continuing to fight a losing battle. Focus on something else that will actually bring you success.  

Start a New Social Media Platform

On the opposite end of the spectrum, consider adding a new platform to your rotation.  Maybe you’ve been successful on both Facebook and Twitter over the past year, and only need minor tweaks for the year ahead.  That frees you up to focus on starting an instagram account.

It’s important to remember that Facebook works differently than Twitter, which works differently than Instagram.  You’re going to need to do some research on what the best practices are for your new social media platform. Based on your findings, create a content schedule that best coincides with your other platforms.  Start small. It can take time to gain a following on a new site, but it’s possible.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for how to start 2020 off right!  Going into a new year prepared is always such a good feeling, and it can carry you to success if you keep at it.  What are some of your goals for improving your marketing strategy in 2020? What are you doing to prepare for the new year ahead? Let us know in the comments!

The start of the new year is a great time to reassess your business’s marketing strategy
How to Start the New Year Off Right

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