Moving Through the Customer Value Journey and Mistakes Advertisers Make

In the last article, we talked at length about the eight stages of the Customer Value Journey, or the journey in which a person goes from knowing nothing about your business to raving fan.  If you’ve ever bought anything, you have moved through the customer value journey, so you even have experience firsthand. Now that you know the steps a person will take to become a loyal and happy customer, we can discuss how they will move through their journey, and what you as a business can do to help nudge them further down the path.

People will not intentionally move themselves through their customer value journey, they need a reason to do so.  How do marketers get people knowledgeable and excited about a new product? Through a series of marketing campaigns, you can intentionally move customers through their value journey.  There are two parts to a marketing campaign, a Call to Action and a Traffic Source.

An Object at Rest

It’s vital, especially in the early stages of the customer value journey, to grab people’s attention.  Getting them excited about something makes them invested, if only emotionally. Since people won’t naturally move from stage to stage of the customer value journey themselves, you need to give them a reason.  What is it you want them to do? Should they subscribe? Download? Make a purchase? Listen or watch something? The call to action needs to have a clear task, and needs to be backed up with a reason.

If a co-worker were to just come up to you one day and tell you to download a new app they found, and offered no explanation as to what the app did and why they wanted you to download it, you’d probably be hesitant at first.  But, if the same co-worker came up to you and said you had to download this cool new social media app that does [X], you’d know why they liked it and have more trust in the app. The same goes for a call to action; the call needs to not only tell what to do, but also why it’s a good idea.

Location, Location, Location

A traffic source is just what it sounds like – a place where your campaign can be seen.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram search engines, direct mail, TV, radio, print, the list goes on and on.  It’s vital to keep in mind your target audience, and know where and when they’ll be able to see your campaign, so you’re not wasting your efforts.  For example, a men’s health magazine is a traffic source, but is it the right place to put an ad for makeup?

Advocates and Promoters

Sometimes, you might not even need to do anything intentional to make a sale.  A customer who enters the promote stage and tells their friends/colleagues about your product or service will do your work for you. The inherent trust the new customer has with the promoter might also cause them to skip a few steps in the customer value journey, as there is already some inherent trust between those two parties.  While these are fantastic and can make new people aware of your business, you can’t count on this happening, especially in the beginning.

Don’t Skip Ahead

Business owners often get excited and want to create one big ad campaign that encapsulates each stage of the customer value journey all at once.  This is the number one mistake business owners make when advertising, because they try to do too much stuff with not enough time, content, and trust.  You and your best friend weren’t thick as thieves from day one, neither are you and your potential customers. Ad campaigns are all about building that trust.

Moving Through the Customer Value Journey and Mistakes Advertisers Make

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