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Are you an ambitious disabled person hungry for an opportunity to prove yourself and begin a fulfilling career?

Do you enjoy talking to people and understanding their challenges?

Can you talk your way out of a paper bag?

Are you passionate about making the world more accessible?

Do you live in Hampshire and are you willing to travel to Romsey or Southampton once a week for training?

If so, you should consider applying for a career in sales at the Accessible Media Agency. We’re looking for an ambitious and committed disabled individual to join our new sales team. Your job will be to reach out to companies and charities and convince them of the value of making their website accessible and pursuing a marketing strategy aimed at disabled people.

We’re on a mission to make the world more accessible by helping companies and charities that serve our disability community….

First of all, this is a commission only role. You’ll make 20% of our profit as your baseline income. You don’t get paid per hour, you get paid on your performance. The reason for that is very simple. We’ve managed to secure a best in class sales trainer who works for 8-figure multi-nationals to personally train you up to be a first-class salesperson.

“This sounds really cool, but what will I actually be doing?”

Your primary responsibility will be telesales. You’ll be cold calling various people at companies and charities until they agree to talk to you about our products and services. You’ll then be convincing them to either come to a workshop or sign up for a demo of some of our software. 

Any sales that result from appointments you book will get you a 20% commission on our profit from the sale.

For example, if an appointment you set results in a sale of £1,000 and our profit is £600, you will get £120.

You will also have sales targets that will yield you hefty bonuses. The more money we make, the more money you’ll make. What’s more, you get to set your own hours. We don’t care when you work, as long as you deliver results.

“What if I’ve never done sales before?”

Good! You won’t have picked up any bad habits, and our sales trainer will be able to get you up to speed quickly. You will meet with her personally for a number of sessions where she will teach you the fundamentals of sales and give you support as you progress. You’ll also have access to her by email to ask any questions and get feedback on your progress. In addition, you will meet with us weekly to begin with so that I can help and support you in learning about our products and services.

To put it bluntly, you’ll get better training than you will anywhere else, and we will actively invest in your education, because the better you get, the more successful we are.

If you think you will be a good fit, send a cover letter and CV to:

Salesperson Advert

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