Why Video Content is Important and Why You Should Use it

In 2019 it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd, so what’s the ONE marketing strategy you can implement this year? Markets are always changing, and with that comes new ways to sell your products and/or services. The Internet means we can all reach a much larger audience, MUCH quicker and easier. So, in 2019, what’s one marketing strategy you should implement, if you have not already? If you have, why should you consider making it a bigger part of your overall strategy? The answer is video content.

Yes, video content.  Why? Aside from being one of the most versatile mediums, video appeals to a large audience, promotes trust in your product or service, is easy to consume, and is one of the fastest growing trends in marketing.  As more and more people continue to watch videos online everyday, video is quickly becoming essential to online marketing.


In order to better understand why video is so important, let’s look at some statistics on why video marketing is not only a growing part of business’ marketing strategy, and how consumers are getting their video content:

  • 63% of businesses use video marketing (As of July 2018)
  • 80% increase in sales conversion when a video is readily available on website’s landing page
  • 82% of those now think of it a essential
  • 83% of businesses believe it gives a good return on investment (ROI)
  • 57% of customers say videos give them more confidence to purchase online
  • 74% of people who watch explanatory videos convert to sales
  • 90% consumers watch videos on their mobile device (phones and tablets)
  • Video consumption increases by 100% year over year
  • Having a video on your blog increases the likeliness you will show up first on google 53x

A Versatile Medium

Video can showcase what your business is about that text and pictures alone can not. If your product is more easily understood through demonstration, video can be used to detail how everything works in an easy to consume format. Animation can show more difficult concepts.  A lot of times, products can be intimidating or confusing. Videos are a way to not only go in-depth on how it works, but also fosters trust in the product. The addition of an audio component focuses the attention of not only your eyes but also your ears, engaging two senses instead of just one.

A Large Audience

Open Facebook for more than five minutes and you will see at least one advertisement.  Social media is a great way to get your content out to as many people as possible because it is shareable.  Video in particular is fantastic because it engages the audience on a whole other level. By having video(s) on your website, people who watch them are staying on your page, increasing your rank in search engines.  Additionally, by having videos embedded on your website, you are 53x more likely to get found on google.

90% of consumers say they watch videos on either their smartphone or tablet device, making video content available from anywhere.  The consumption of video content as a whole increases by 100% every year, making it one of the fastest growing ways to promote and advertise your company.

Promotes Trust

Videos can explain things that are complicated to explain in other mediums. Consumers are unlikely to purchase what they do not understand. In fact, 57% of customers say videos allow them to be more confident in their purchases, and 74% of people who watch an explanatory video buy the product.  We as humans are very visual beings, so it stands to reason that the more a consumer can see a product in action the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Easy to Consume

We don’t always read lengthy product descriptions or invest time looking into services.  Consumers want to see what they are purchasing in action. Today’s life is hectic and fast-paced, so being able to watch a video instead of reading lengthy walls of text can be of benefit to customers, and by extension increase sales.  

Websites like YouTube will often play advertisements before (and sometimes during) videos, and have a click-through-rate of 1.84%.  While some shorter ads won’t be able to be skipped, most consumers will let the longer advertisements play rather than skip it.  

Graphic courtesy of pontsgroup.com


Video marketing is growing in importance every year.  It can convey concepts in an easier to understand format than text and images.  Video has a large audience, and is easy to share across multiple social media platforms.  Consumers who watch videos of products are more trusting and more likely to buy. Lastly, it’s easier and quicker to consume than large amounts of text.  

Has this article convinced you to add video marketing to your overall marketing strategy?  

Why Video Content is Important and Why You Should Use it

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